Kelly Brook celebrated her 33rd birthday with her final performance at Crazy Horse London.

The model, dancer and actress - who's birthday is today (23.11.12) was presented with a cake by her fellow dancers as she ended her three week guest run in the 'Forever Crazy' show.

Kelly said she turned down the opportunity to appear on reality TV show 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' to appear in the cabaret, but had to fly to Paris, France, to convince producers she was up to the job.

Harvey Goldsmith, who brought the show to London, told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''I was a bit gobsmacked, to be honest. Kelly and her boyfriend came up to me after the show and she said, 'I love this show and I want to be in it.'

''I spoke to the French and they were intrigued. But they met with her and after a half day of rehearsal, the choreographer left surprisingly impressed. Kelly got it really quickly and she also got on really well with the troupe.''

Kelly - who was discovered aged 16 and attended the famous Italia Conti theatre school in London - was originally booked for a week in the show, but enjoyed it so much she extended it by another two.

She said: ''I am hoping that this has reminded everyone why I am still around. Because this, more than anything else, is what I love. It's taken me back to my roots, it's why I got into showbiz in the first place and it's why I put up with what I put up - what I have to do.''

Kelly added she didn't strip off completely for the show, as she didn't want her naked breasts to draw attention from the overall performance.

She added: ''I know there will be some people who only came because they wanted to see me half-naked, but hopefully they will come back because they realise what a great show it is.

''That is one reason I didn't go totally naked. I know that would get headlines, but this show is about so much more than that.

''I loved being with the other dancers. We all shared a dressing room and spent an hour warming up before every show. Every one of us had a classically trained background and I was just one of the girls.''