Kelly Brook can't wait to look like a "huge whale" in the latter stages of her pregnancy.

The brunette model-and-actress is five months pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Thom Evans and while she is enjoying seeing her body change shape, she wishes her baby bump was even bigger.

She said: "It takes some getting used to. I would like it to show more actually. At the moment I just look as if I have eaten a big bowl of pasta.

"I'm looking forward to looking like a huge whale in a couple of months."

Despite her excitement over her slowly swelling bump, the 'Piranha 3D' star insists she is still looking after herself and is eating well and expects to get in shape again soon after she gives birth.

She added to Britain's HELLO! magazine: "I haven't been exercising at all so far. But I am always running around and I do a lot of gardening.

"I haven't been eating for two though. As long as I don't overindulge, I should be able to get back in shape quite quickly."

Thom is also appreciative of his girlfriend's new figure.

Kelly explained: "He especially likes the boobs. He says I look hotter now. But I think he is weird."