Kelly Brook once ''accidentally wet herself'' in front of her colleagues at Heart FM.

The 39-year-old model - who was named FHM magazine's Sexiest Woman in the World in 2005 - has relived the embarrassing moment when she fell off her chair in front of producers during her radio segment last week and couldn't control her bladder from leaking some pee because she was ''laughing uncontrollably''.

Revealing the incident during the Heart Breakfast show, she said: ''Mine was probably last week when we were all in the studio doing a show and one of our producers accidentally pulled me off my chair and I went splat on the floor and I started laughing uncontrollably and yeah, I kind of wet myself a little bit.''

Kelly was in the mood for revelations on the show on Tuesday morning (23.07.19) as she also spilled that she always sleeps naked so she doesn't get ''tangled'' in pyjamas when she's curled up in bed.

She said: ''I don't wear pyjamas [in bed]. I wear pyjamas when I get home from work when I'm cooking and just mooching around the house. I get all tangled and stuff.''

This news comes as the striking brunette has asked her colleagues at Heart FM radio not to refer to her as sexy and admitted she has never felt like she was a particularly attractive woman.

She said: ''I've never felt like I was [a sex symbol], but some of the blokes at work often tell me that they had posters of me on their wall. I just remind them that we don't talk about that stuff in the workplace, and they will panic and quickly change the subject.''

''It's all said in good jest.''

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