Kelly Brook's cheating boyfriend Danny Cipriani is ''hoping for one more chance''.

The 33-year-old model dumped the rugby player after discovering a number of saucy text messages and steamy pictures exchanged with a series of girls, but now he is keen to make up with the star and prove he's changed his ways.

The 'Piranha 3D' actress - who rekindled her romance with the England player after a break earlier this year - shared snaps of the pair on a romantic holiday to Greece last week, but has now deleted all photos of the love rat from her Instagram account.

A source close to the pair told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Danny knows he has made a lot of mistakes but he still hopes he can get another chance with Kelly. He thinks he can change.

''However, Kelly has been busy deleting all mentions and photos of him from her social media and seems to want him out of her life.

''She won't like the idea of him sending photos to other women.

''This may be the time she thinks she needs a fresh start and let's face it, she is not going to be short of offers from men.''

Sales manager Stacey Simcox previously said Danny had been messaging her for eight months and his messages got increasingly more demanding as time went on.

She said previously: ''At the beginning he was just friendly and really sweet. He'd ask how my day was and we would just chat away.

''But then after a couple of weeks it got really dirty. He'd send me filthy messages about what he wanted to do to me and begging to meet up for sex.

''It got progressively more explicit and I just thought, 'What a rat'... I just couldn't understand why he'd stray. Every man fancies Kelly, but that obviously wasn't enough for Danny.''