Kelly Brook's boyfriend Danny Cipriani feels ''very lucky'' to be alive after being hit by a bus last week.

The rugby star plunged into the windscreen of a double-decker bus following a drunken night out in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, on Wednesday (24.04.13) and is only just coming to terms with the thought that he could have died if it wasn't for his quick reactions, which prevented him from being dragged under the wheels.

Speaking for the first time since the accident, Danny told The Sun newspaper: ''I can't believe I'm not dead. I'm very lucky. It's just beginning to dawn on me - this nearly had a different outcome entirely.

''I realised it [the bus] hadn't stopped and was about to hit me pretty quickly. It was like a reflex reaction, I managed to jump just before the impact so I didn't end up under the wheels. I think my survival instincts must have kicked in.''

Danny - who was released from Leeds General Infirmary the next day (25.04.13) with a few cuts and bruises - struggles to recall the incident because he's ''still a bit concussed.''

He explained: ''Because of the impact, I've got a bit of memory loss.''

The 25-year-old sportsman - who rekindled his romance with Kelly in January - has admitted the 'Celebrity Juice' star was going out of her mind with worry but is relieved he's at home resting up now.

He said: ''Kelly was worried, but she's glad it wasn't worse.

''It's a case of resting up. This has been really unfortunate but I'm determined to get myself into the best shape I've ever been now.''

The Sale Sharks star had recently spoke out about how he wanted to curb his drinking habits in order to get back in shape for rugby but has vowed that the accident has made him even more certain to say goodbye to alcohol.

''I've got a good excuse now not to drink. I can just say, 'No, last time I got run over by a bus!' I'll be keeping my head down for a bit.''