Kelly Brook was as hairy as a ''monkey'' when she was a baby.

The 38-year-old beauty is now one of the UK's best-known pin-ups, but Kelly has revealed she was likened to a primate because of her abundance of hair when she was just a tot.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', Kelly shared: ''As a little girl, I was always in dungarees. I was always literally a tomboy. Now ... that's why since I'm older I'm always wanting to grow my hair long, have on a little dress.

''But, I mean, I was such a hairy baby, oh my god! When I was born, my grandfather came to see me and he said to my mum, 'Aww, do you want some peanuts for your monkey?' My mum ... literally burst into tears. I got a lot of grief.''

It was eventful show for new panellist Kelly as she also blew a raspberry on former UKIP leader and long-time MEP Nigel Farage's stomach.

Nigel, 54, was appearing as a guest on the ITV daytime show and was reluctantly convinced to allow panellists Janet Street Porter and Kelly to ''cleanse his chakras''

After Janet, 71, waved her hands around Nigel to affect his auras, Kelly asked him to pull up his shirt so she could do ''work down there''.

The busty brunette - who had earlier admitted to getting her chakras cleansed at a low point in her life - said: ''I am going to do your chakras now Nige. I feel like there are problems around this area.''