Kellie Pickler shaved her head, in a show of solidarity for her best friend, who has survived breast cancer. The country music singer and TV personality appeared on Good Morning America and underwent the dramatic transformation to highlight the importance of women getting themselves screened for breast cancer and not waiting until the age of 40 for a mammogram.
E! Online posted snaps today (September 6, 2012) of Kellie Pickler getting her long blonde locks lopped off. "Cancer does not discriminate," Pickler reminded viewers and she told the tale of Summer Holt Miller, who is described as her "longtime Bff, childhood friend and 'sister'." Summer was diagnosed with breast cancer back in June and since then, has undergone a double mastectomy and will be beginning chemotherapy this week, hence Kellie's decision to shave her own head to support her best pal through the treatment. Kellie tweeted her experience, hinting that she'd be doing something noteworthy by telling her followers "It's been a great life-changing day" and then adding "Be sure to watch "Good Morning America" tomorrow morning (Sept 5th). You won't want to miss this!!! ;)."
Speaking about the importance of breast cancer screening, her friend Summer said "If this compels even one person to change their mentality toward waiting until the age of 40 for their mammogram, then it will be worth it." Hopefully Kellie's decision to shave her head on one of Usa's most popular morning TV shows will have the impact that the pair desire and ensure that women are screened early for the killer disease.