Country star Kellie Pickler's troubled dad has fallen foul of the law again after violating the terms of his probation.

Clyde Raymond Pickler, Jr. spent much of his daughter's childhood behind bars for various crimes, including a three-year stint in prison for aggravated battery and assault relating to a 2003 stabbing.

The American Idol star recently patched up her strained relationship with her dad, insisting he's always been a "good father" despite his criminal past, but now the 48 year old is facing further legal trouble after moving from Florida to North Carolina without notifying his parole officer.

A representative for the Florida Department of Corrections tell the National Enquirer, "He's currently listed as an 'absconder' for leaving the state without notification. That means he's a fugitive."

The news comes as the singer is currently flying high off her big win on U.S. reality show Dancing With the Stars.