Country star Kellie Pickler had the thrill of her life during a recent appearance on Ellen Degeneres' talk show when Clint Eastwood dropped by to say hello.
The singer was cooing about how much she adored the actor/director during a taping of Thursday's (21Oct10) show when Eastwood strolled onto the set and embraced her.
Pickler could hardly contain herself, shrieking and jumping around the filmmaker.
She then insisted her hero take her seat and sat on his lap, stating, "I don't want to break your leg, 'cos I'm heavy."
Pickler also clasped Eastwood's hand to her chest, breathlessly telling him to "feel my heart".
As the movie star left the show, giddy Pickler turned to the host and said, "What do we do now?"
DeGeneres noticed that Pickler was so smitten with Eastwood, she turned her engagement ring around as she sat on his lap - and asked all about the singer's fiance Kyle Jacobs.
Still flushed from her meeting with Eastwood, Picker said, "We don't have to talk about him."
As she composed herself, she felt ashamed that she'd been so forward with the legend: "He's married and I kissed him on the mouth, and I'm engaged.
"I write songs about people like that. I'm turning into a person I hate. I've not even walked down the aisle and I'm an adulteress."