Kellie Maloney's new boyfriend makes her feel ''comfortable and safe''.

The 64-year-old former boxing promoter - who lived as Frank Maloney for more than 50 years - is dating ex-soldier Jason Shaw, who she first met a year ago, and feels more ''attractive'' than ever before now she's with him.

She said: ''It's happened naturally. He makes me feel so comfortable and safe.

''He compliments me all the time and has made me feel attractive again. He makes a great cup of tea too!''

Though Kellie - who has daughters Emma, 40, Sophie, 22, and 16-year-old Libby from her previous marriages - is very happy with Jason, she does worry about the age gap between them.

She said: ''Our age gap does concern me - he's 39 and I'm 64. But that's me being old fashioned and thinking the man should be older. I'm young at heart and that's what count.''

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star's daughters were initially wary of her new romance, but they're now pleased she's found happiness, while she's looking forward to meeting Jason's friends and family.

She told Closer magazine: ''I don't know about Jason's exes and it's not relevant. I think he's bisexual though.

''My children were wary at first, saying, 'How do you know him?' But they're happy for me now.

''My eldest daughter has met him and they got on really well. My friends adore him too.

''I've had lovely messages from Jason's friends and family on social media, and next month, when I'm in London, I'm going to grab coffee with his brother.''

The couple aren't talking about marriage yet but they are looking to buy a home together.

Kellie said: ''I want to buy a farm in Portugal and retire there. Jason and I have been looking at farms.

''Marriage is a bit of a stretch but if it works out for us, having Jason with me in Portugal would be a real plus.''