Kellan Lutz took ''extra care'' of his figure for his topless role in 'The Legend of Hercules'.

The buff 29-year-old star says he put in more effort than usual at the gym and carefully watched his diet to prepare for his role as the demigod as he spends so much of the movie not wearing much.

He said: ''I keep fit for roles and I love my fitness. I've got a film called 'Hercules' coming up and I'm in a loincloth or topless for that, so I had to take extra care of myself.''

The blue-eyed star loves cooking but admits he'd be happy to survive on a diet of just vegetables.

Quizzed what food he'd pick if he could only eat one, Kellan answered: ''Organic raw vegetables, full of nutrients - it's the only choice.

''I love cooking Italian. I make a mean chicken cordon bleu.''

Kellan is the voice of Tarzan in a new animated film and believes his love of the outdoors and natural instincts could help him survive in the wild like his big screen alter-ego.

He explained to Bliss magazine: ''I'm an outdoor junkie. I'm a born survivalist sort of man. I think I would do well if I was stuck in the jungle like Tarzan.

''Every boy was a pyro growing up, so I could start a fire. We had wild berries on our farm so I'd eat those. We had lots of acres so I'd build forts and sleep under the stars on the haystacks and the chicken coops.''