American singer Kelis was called upon to save a gig in London last night (27APR04) after British pop babes Rachel Stevens and Leah Wood bored the crowd.

Guests at the British launch of internet service provider WANADOO at the capital's SCALA nightclub were so unimpressed by the sets performed by former S CLUB singer Rachel and ROLLING STONE RONNIE WOOD's daughter Leah, they began leaving the venue - until Kelis stepped up to the stage.

A reveller at last night's celebrity-packed party says, "Everyone was in a bad mood because of the weather, and then Leah Wood came on. She had invited all her posh mates along to support her, which was just as well as she went down so badly with the crowd who jeered."

And when Stevens took to the stage "everybody left to go to the bar to get free drinks".

However, Kelis managed to inject some much needed excitement into proceedings and rescue the event from disaster.

The fan adds, "It was shaping up to be a really rubbish evening - then Kelis saved the day. She kicked a**. She sung an amazing version of MILKSHAKE and CAUGHT OUT THERE and had everyone cheering."

29/04/2004 13:39