Kelis claims she was racially abused by a man while in a London airport queue.

The 32-year-old singer took to twitter to voice her disgust at the incident claiming she was called a 'slave' as well as 'a disgusting nigerian' by a man she described as 'pink faced british guy'. The Milkshake singer was travelling back from the Isel of Wight where she had been performing at Bestival. She was travelling with her 2-year-old son, who she refers to as 'the midget' and claims she kept her calm due to the riots and unstable climate at the time, tweeting, "We just landed and I had the midget with me. We get in the passport control line and apparently pissed this one man off cause he thought I cut the line. Which wouldn't be farfetched of me but this time I actually didn't (not entirely anyway)..."This fat red faced sweaty "man" (I use the word man loosely here) started calling me a slave and told me to call him sir and how I was probably a disgusting Nigerian. He called me kunta kinte and ranted and raved some more. The man behind the passport desk laughed shook his head in agreement I guess."

Kelis, full name, Kelis Rogers, was born in New York City and began singing from an early age in various choir groups before graduating from university and forming a band with The Neptunes, Pharrell Williams and CHAD HUGO which helped her secure a record deal. She went on to release her debut album Kaleidoscope in 1999 and has released a further four studio albums. The R&B superstar later married rapper Nas in 2005 however, they divorced in 2010 with one child, Knight, who was born in July 2009.