Kelis doesn't care about fashion labels.

The 'Milkshake' singer buys both designer and high street clothes but claims the price doesn't bother her and her only concern when shopping is that the items fit her body shape.

She told Look magazine: "I'll wear anything. I don't care where it's from. If it fits, it fits. I'm not picky about labels. It's important to dress for your body shape."

Kelis travels constantly for work but the laid back star revealed rather than worry about creases in her clothes when she unpacks, she simply wears them as they are.

She explained: "Everything is creased all the time and I'm not into ironing so I just wear it all with the creases. I think body heat smoothes them out over the day. You can't stress about that kind of thing."

Kelis gave birth to son Knight two years ago and revealed motherhood hasn't impacted on her sartorial choices but she admits to relief now that he has stopped throwing up on her outfits.

She said: "He's two years old now so he's no longer throwing up on my clothes which is a good thing."