Feisty singer Kelis and rapper Nas have set a date for their wedding - but are refusing to let the media know when and where.

The MILKSHAKE hitmaker has been dating the New York hip-hop star for two years (begs02) after they hit it off during their first date in Manhattan's Central Park.

Kelis says, "Yes, we have a date."

The sexy star is planning to have lots of children with her beau, but at 23 years old Kelis is prepared to wait a while before getting pregnant.

She enthuses, "I want a clan, a whole bunch of them little dumplings!

"I want to enjoy my size 4 (UK size 8/European size 36) while I can. I cannot even lie to you, I am horrified about getting large. But I will fight it every step of the way with Tae Bo.

"Women are so highly scrutinized in this industry and it's a pain in the a**. Whether it's how thin I am or how thick I've gotten or my attitude or the way I talk, everyone always has an issue because I am female.

"They don't have those issues with male artists."

02/02/2004 17:23