BLOC PARTY singer Kele Okereke insists he has no hard feelings towards EDDIE ARGOS despite launching a viscous physical attack on the Art Brut frontman in a London club last month (AUG05).

The rock outfits have been locked in a bitter row since March 2004 - which culminated in Okereke labelling his rock rival 'Fatty Argos' in a recent television interview - but he insists his attack was merely a reaction to comments Argos made that night.

Okereke says, "I'd like to clarify that there's no feud between Bloc Party and Art Brut. I had an altercation with the singer. It's not like we hate them as a band or whatever.

"He knows that it was about what he said to me right there and then. It wasn't about what he'd been saying about me or us in the press. I didn't think it would blow up to be a big thing but I guess they've got records to sell.

"I don't think he's a horrible person or anything. I don't hate him at all, it was just something that happened.

Drummer MATT TONG adds, "It's done and dusted."