BLOC PARTY singer Kele Okereke launched a viscous physical attack on Art Brut frontman EDDIE ARGOS in a London club on Saturday (20AUG05), following a long-standing feud between the two bands.

The rock outfits have been locked in a bitter row since March 2004 - which culminated in Okereke labelling his rock rival 'Fatty Argos' in a recent television interview.

Despite recently slamming bands who feud in public, the BANQUET frontman lost his temper at the British capital's Catch club, and let rip at the singer.

Brut says, "Kele attacked me. He punched and started kicking me - it was mad.

"He got me in the chest - it didn't really hurt. I don't think his heart was really in it."

Okereke's spokesperson confirms, "There was a minor incident on Saturday night between them. It was over some sort of personal business between them both and that is Kele's own affair at the moment."