Country star Keith Urban gave clues about his alcoholism troubles in one of his final magazine interviews before checking into rehab. The singer's sit-down chat with American men's magazine Best Life came just over two weeks before Urban came clean about his drinking problems and sought counselling. In the interview, which appears in the upcoming December 2006 issue of the health and style publication, Urban urged fellow addicts and "souls at sea" to talk about their problems. He said, "Start communicating with the people around you... Everyone gets overwhelmed at points, but it's when you think you can handle it yourself and you don't reach out for help. That's when the end is near." He adds, "Recognise that you are about the tyre (and) that drowning is looming. I've definitely been that drowning guy, and, in the midst of drowning, I thought, 'I wonder if I should put my hand up?'"