Country singer Keith Urban has spoken in public about his relationship with Nicole Kidman for the first time, describing the home they share. The 38-year-old, who is extremely protective of his private life, refers to his Nashville, Tennessee, ranch as "our home", and insists his life has changed little since falling in love with Moulin Rouge! beauty Kidman last July (05). He says, "I've always been a pretty private, quiet kind of person, and so I haven't had to change my life really at all I don't think. "It hasn't been as bad as everyone thinks, you know it's not like it's stalking outside our house 24/7. It's pretty calm and we stay as private as we can. "There's certain things you want to go to together but mostly you just try to pick places where you know you shouldn't be going because it's going to be too crazy and you just avoid those. Stay focused on your real life."