Troubled country star Keith Urban has opened his heart about his decision to enter a rehab facility to curb his alcoholism in a moving new video message. The candid footage, posted on his website, comes just a week after the Aussie singer confirmed he had completed treatment at the Betty Ford Clinic in California. In the video, Urban, who checked in to rehab last October (06) after telling fans and friends he was struggling to stay sober, reveals, "There was no big, cataclysmic event that happened right before I went in. "(Just) a lot of small things that were happening in my life, and a lot of small moments that were starting to accumulate that were telling me very loud and clear that I was a long way from my programme of recovery, and they were making my life unmanageable." Urban admits the timing of his rehab stint couldn't have been worse: "It was far from an ideal time to go into treatment. While I was in there... I had my birthday... my record was released, I missed Thanksgiving, and all the holidays." The singer, who is married to actress Nicole Kidman, reveals he had planned a 30-day stay at the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, California, but his time there was extended. He explains, "Thirty days became 60, 60 days became 90, and, with each week that passed, I found myself really learning to surrender." Urban concludes the video with a special message to his wife, adding, "(She) stayed extraordinarily strong, and loving, and my friends and family were there. It's just been really overwhelming."