Country singer Keith Urban barely gets to spend time with his wife Nicole Kidman's adopted children, because they live with their father Tom Cruise. ISABELLA, 13, and CONNOR, 11, have spent the majority of the year with the Vanilla Sky actor since he divorced Kidman in 2001. While the New Zealand-born singer admits he gets on well with the two kids, he hardly sees them because they are based in California with Cruise. He says, "I don't get to see the kids as much as probably a lot of stepdads would, but it is a good relationship." Urban admits he can't wait to become a father and would love to have children with his wife of nine months. He says, "I am looking forward to fatherhood. I have always wanted to be a good dad. "My brother's got two kids and he's an excellent dad and I think we both have that sense of being home and being solid family guys."