Country music star Keith Urban already has a new addiction lined up for when he's on the road to recovery after relapsing as an alcoholic - motorbikes. In an interview for the new issue of men's magazine Best Life - which took place before the singer checked into rehab - Urban revealed all about his passion for classic bikes and how he hopes to spend 2007 adding to his collection. He says, "Kenny Chesney have me a Harley (Davidson) Fat Boy 100th Anniversary for an end-of-tour gift, and I have two custom bikes: a chopper by a company called 357, and I just bought a Vengeance bike at Sturgis (motorbike festival)... I intended to come back with a T-shirt and instead I came back with a bike." Urban insists his love of bikes will aid his recovery: "Motorcycle riding clears my head." And the New Zealand-born singer also hopes to spend part of 2007 adding to his classic car collection. He adds, "I'm hoping to acquire a few more cars. I just don't have the space right now. "I figure if I build a garage, they will come. I'd like a '57 Thunderbird, a '62 Lincoln Continental hardtop with suicide doors and a Fiat Bambina."