Country star Keith Urban has revealed he and new bride Nicole Kidman almost called off their June (06) wedding after both were hit with last-minute nerves. The singer, who has dedicated his new album LOVE, Pain + THE WHOLE DAMN THING to the actress, admits he and his bride-to-be took a time out before they exchanged vows to make sure they were strong enough to get through the wedding. Urban says the couple sat down after attending the Oscars in March (05) to discuss their upcoming nuptials and were suddenly hit with cold feet: "We had one of those evenings afterward, where I think we were struggling with a bit of, 'Are we doing the right thing?'" But now he's thrilled they both decided to press on with wedding plans and he insists home life for the two Aussies in rural Nashville, Tennessee is idyllic. He adds, "This is a great base for us... I love the fact that I've been able to give her (Kidman) an environment where she can blossom."