The 49-year-old actress stars in the HBO series alongside Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern. The show is based on Liane Moriarty's novel of the same name, which tells the story of three mothers who attempt to move on with their lives after an unspeakable tragedy, and Nicole has some intimate scenes as it progresses.

But as the husband of such a prolific actress, country singer Keith has become used to seeing his wife cuddling up to other men on screen.

Asked by E! News how Keith feels about such scenes, Nicole replied: "He knows. He’s an artist, so he knows that the work is the work, and obviously this character is... it’s important in terms of the way in which the storyline plays out."

Keith joined Nicole at the premiere event for the series in Los Angeles on Tuesday (07Feb17), but the pair won't be spending the Valentine's Day weekend (11-12Feb17) together.

Instead, Keith will be attending the Grammys, where he's nominated for best country solo performance, as Nicole attends the BAFTAs, hoping to pick up a gong for best supporting actress for her role in Lion.

But they will be together in spirit, with Nicole adding: "I will be FaceTiming my husband and hoping that he wins."

Keith also has some surprises up his sleeve for when he and Nicole are reunited for the big day itself (14Feb17), but refused to reveal details of what he is planning.

"I can’t tell you that - she’s here, right there!" Keith laughed.

He has a lot to live up to though, having set something of a precedent when he arranged an entire Valentine's Day fireworks display one year for his spouse on the romantic holiday.

"When I turned 40, (he) drove me up to the top of a small hill in Bowen in Queensland and sat me down," Nicole told Vogue Australia in a recent interview. "He had put together this huge fireworks display. It was just for the two of us. It was sexy."

Big Little Lies premieres on HBO on 19 February (17).