Country music duo Locash Cowboys have fulfilled their promise to get tattoos after Keith Urban propelled their song You Gonna Fly to the top of a U.S. chart in February (12).
Singer/songwriters Chris Lucas and Preston Brust co-wrote the tune with fellow musician Jaren Johnston and it was released by Urban last October (11).
The pair vowed to get some body art to celebrate if the track topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart - and they eventually had the inkings ahead of a gig in Bloomington, Illinois on Friday (29Jun12).
Brust now has a custom design featuring the name of the song across the length of his arm, and Lucas has a large blue star on his forearm, featuring a number one in the centre and the song's title below.
Brust tells, "Me and Chris made a pact when Keith recorded 'Fly' that we would get it inked if it went No. 1."
Lucas adds, "My dad surprised me and showed up at the tattoo joint, too, so I knew there was no turning back! The moment was way too cool to pass up!"