The 48-year-old singer has been working hard to ensure his latest offering is the best it can be, and to do so, he worked with a host of big names, including Chic star Nile Rodgers.

One track that Keith worked on with Nile and producer Mike Busbee is titled Sun Don't Let Me Down, which features a tribute to the singer's actress wife Nicole.

"In the end of the first verse, it actually references my wife," Keith told Rolling Stone magazine. "She's in a movie called To Die For and in one scene she's dancing in front of the headlights (of a car). So the lyric goes, 'There in the headlights, dancing like she's in a movie scene. To die for, and she's killing me'."

The track features Keith on banjo and Nile on guitar, and the singer admits it wasn't the easiest song to get right.

He added, "Nile does his thing and I do what I do, but I don't want either of those things - I want what we do."

The song also marks the first of his songs that features a verse from a rapper, courtesy of guest star Pitbull. The musician's inclusion gives the tune a unique tone, and Keith was thrilled with the result.

"He brings a mischievous, sexy swagger to it, in a very different way," Keith said.

Ripcord is Keith's ninth album, and has taken him longer to perfect than any of his previous records. Still, he knows fans are going to be thrilled with the finished product.

"This is way more than I've ever cut before," Keith said. "It was a lot of searching, a lot of experimenting, and when you get to work with as many people as I did, you end up with a lot of stuff."