Aussie country star Keith Urban has blamed "prison warden security" for killing the fun of big live shows.
The Put You in a Song hitmaker, who is currently touring Down Under, has taken aim at the super-serious security staff who patrol his arena concerts, claiming they're partly responsible for ruining live shows for music fans.
He tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, "It's the prison warden security. God forbid that everyone can have a good time. A concert is supposed to be two hours of unbridled freedom to be in the moment, to have the best night. You should be allowed to do that."
And he admits he misses the days when he was performing in pubs: "The audiences were, like, they're standing, they're drunk, they're on their feet, they're engaged.
"Then, all of a sudden, you're playing an arena and suddenly people are sitting down. It's like more people and less energy."