Keith Urban isn't upset by Nicole Kidman's racy 'Big Little Lies' scenes.

The 49-year-old actress insists her country singer spouse isn't fazed by the adult topics of her new HBO series because he is an ''artist'' and realises it is an important aspect of her work.

Asked how Keith handled watching the scenes, she told E! News: ''He knows. He's an artist, so he knows that the work is the work, and obviously this character's important in terms of the way in which the storyline plays out, so you have to see all of it.''

While Nicole was joined by her husband at the Los Angeles premiere of the show, they won't be able to support one another at the weekend as Keith will be at the Grammy awards, where he's nominated for two prizes, while his wife will be in England as she's up for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 'Lion' at the BAFTA Awards.

But the actress - who has daughters Sunday, eight, and Faith, six, with Keith, and grown-up kids Isabella, 24, and Conor, 22, with former spouse Tom Cruise - will have something to celebrate when they connect after the ceremonies.

She said: ''I have to go to the BAFTAS - not have to, it's an honour.

''I love Britain and I haven't been nominated for a BAFTA for a long time, so I will not be going to the Grammys.

''I will be FaceTiming my husband and hoping that he wins.''

The couple will be reunited for Valentine's Day (14.02.17) and Keith, 49, is planning a surprise for his wife.

Asked what he's got planned, he said: ''I can't tell you that--she's here, right there!''

However, it seems the 'Hours' actress is quite easy to please.

She said: ''There'll be chocolates, I hope.''

During breaks in filming the show, Nicole got along well with her co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley.

Asked what they chatted about, she said: ''Things like kids and.. we cover everything. Just like normal women.''