The country singer grew up in New Zealand and Australia and attended several schools within a short time period, and now Keith explains it would have been really difficult to make friends as the new student without music.

"I went to maybe six different schools in about six years...," he tells U.S. newsman Dan Rather in an upcoming episode of The Big Interview, "and I was really grateful that music always helped me with that, 'cause I was always the new kid in school.

"I could play songs, which was helpful on one side and then challenging on the other - a bit threatening to some people, as well, you know? But, all in all, I found it to be a great way to make friends. I think of it more as being able to adapt to my surroundings than anything else, which was very helpful coming into Nashville in the early days."

The 49-year-old moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1992 to pursue his career and found inspiration in the songs of Jimmy Webb - although he didn't know he was singing his songs at first.

"I sang a lot of Glen Campbell songs early on, Wichita Lineman, Where's The Playground, Susie? Honey, Come Back," he continues. "I thought Glen wrote them all. I didn't know. Then I saw his name - Jimmy Webb - on every one of his songs."