RONNIE SPECTOR's Rock + Roll Hall of Fame induction couldn't have come at a better time - she's launching a comeback with the help of Keith Richards and New York Dolls star Nick Zinner. Spector will join her fellow RONETTES when they're added to the Cleveland music legends museum in March (07) and she hopes the big day will help put her back in the spotlight with a re-released new album, THE LAST OF THE ROCK STARS. She tells, "It'll be just the beginning of everything for me. I want the CD to be successful, so people can see me. "I was the first rock 'n' roll singer, girl, female, and now I have to be the last." The album, which was released only in Britain last year (06), is now getting an American release on the back of her Hall of Fame induction. As well as Richards and Zinner, the album also features a duet with another 2007 Hall of Fame inductee, Patti Smith. Spector adds, "Everybody on the album, they're really friends of mine in real life. They brought everything to it. "When Keith Richards is in the studio an hour before I even got there, and he's always known to be late, you know something's going on."