The teenage daughters of ROLLING STONES SIR MICK JAGGER and Keith Richards have shed their clothes to model underwear for British retail chain MARKS AND SPENCER.

Elizabeth Jagger, 19, and Theodora Richards, 18, were photographed by MARY McCARTNEY-DONALD, the eldest daughter of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney.

Marks and Spencer has a well established reputation as an underwear retailer, but in recent years they have attempted to ditch their tame image with a new range of saucy lingerie.

Elizabeth says, "I never thought they were boring. I never really thought of them as exciting knickers but they're your everyday, reliable underwear."

And for Theodora, a newcomer to modelling, the job is the first adult step in her new career.

She laughs, "This is actually my first job without my mum picking me up or coming with me."

10/09/2003 13:48