ROLLING STONE Keith Richards had such a strong attraction to Kirsten Dunst's mother when he met her in an airport several years ago he sucked on her fingers.

Dunst, who plays a flight attendant in her new movie ELIZABETHTOWN, recently learned from her German mother INEZ that British rocker Richards took quite a shine to her decades ago.

The actress says, "My mom was a flight attendant for 10 years for Lufthansa; she worked the air and the ground. She worked in Germany, 'cause my dad and her lived there for 10 years.

"She spoke English really well and German really well, so she dealt with all the celebrities and rock stars. Once Keith Richards was getting on the plane and he saw my mom and he started, like, sucking on her fingers and told her that he'd get his bags off the plane...

"She was working the ground, she took his ticket and I guess he was just into her. He was like, 'Bird, let me get my bags off the plane, bird,' and like hook up that night. I mean, she didn't do it."

While Dunst enjoys retelling the incident, she does warn, "My mom's an embellisher, so who knows if that even went down."