Rocker Keith Richards has a bizarre list of demands before he books a gig - a guitar strap, chicken sandwiches, Diet Coke, a pack of cigarettes, a chartered jet and Norah Jones.

That's all it took rock legend GRAM PARSONS' daughter POLLY to lure the ROLLING STONE to play at an upcoming tribute to her dad.

Richards took the headlining spot at last weekend's (09-10JUL04) RETURN TO SUN CITY shows in Santa Barbara, California, and Los Angeles - and it's all thanks to a piece of Parsons memorabilia and an alcohol-free backstage rider.

Parsons' daughter handed over one of her late father's guitar straps in a bid to persuade Richards to join the bill for the tribute show, which will also feature performances by Jones, Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle.

She says, "I went to one of his concerts and introduced myself. It was as simple as that. Keith said, 'You're the last little bit of your father on this planet,' and he got choked up."

A spokeswoman for the show adds, "The strap clinched the deal. It was the last piece of memorabilia Polly had of her father's. Keith was touched.

"Other than that, Keith's requirements to play for free at the show were fairly standard - a jet to fly him from New York and Los Angeles and back, chicken sandwiches, Diet Coke and packets of Marlboro cigarettes with plenty of ashtrays."

The chance to duet with Norah Jones on the Parsons classic LOVE HURTS was an added incentive.

The spokeswoman adds, "Keith has taken a very fatherly approach to Norah. He really likes her and can't wait to perform with her."

12/07/2004 17:18