Keith Richards put Jerry Hall's kids off drugs.

The 58-year-old model - who has four children, Elizabeth, 30, James, 29, Georgia, 22 and Gabriel, 16, with her ex-husband, Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger - believes seeing her father's bandmate Keith Richards passed out on the family sofa put them off experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

She told The Times newspaper: ''My kids are very grounded, that's never been an issue. I mean, they spent their life looking at Keith Richards passed out on the couch, you know. That could be it.''

The blonde beauty added that she and Mick, 71, only enjoyed the occasional glass of wine and believes her kids have simply followed the good example they set for them.

She said: ''We were always into working hard. One glass of wine but nothing addictive. Maybe they're hereditary these tendencies. The main thing about my kids is that they're very good people.''

Jerry claims her strict parenting also helped to keep her kids in line growing up and is extremely proud of what they have achieved.

She said: ''(I) was much stricter about sweeties and things like that. But I was much stricter that they had to be polite to people who came over. That was when they got in the worst trouble, if they were rude. We had to eat together and they had to go to bed at a certain time and they had to get up to go to school. That was about it.

''The girls are very successful modelling. My son, James, just did a TV series with Martin Scorxese. He's just signed a five-year contract with Universal, coming out with his first album. And then Gabriel did really well in his GSCEs. Mick and I were so proud of him.''