Rock legend GRAM PARSON's daughter POLLY regularly checks into the hotel room where her father died because it makes her feel at home.

The former THE BYRDS star, who is organising a two-day tribute to her dad in California this weekend (10-11JUL04) which will feature Keith Richards and Norah Jones among others, admits she takes comfort in spending time in room eight at THE JOSHUA TREE INN.

She explains, "Some people think it's really morbid. They go, 'You stay in the room where your dad died?'

"Well, dude, if your dad died at your home you'd still go home and stay at your house, right? When I'm there I feel like I'm at my folks' house."

Parsons' body was found in room eight 31 years ago. He died from a morphine overdose at the age of 26.

08/07/2004 20:58