Now Keith Olbermann is feuding with The New York Times , which was the first to report on his feud with the powers-that-be at his Current TV channel. Olbermann on Thursday took to Twitter to complain about the reports by Brian Stelter, at one point accusing Stelter of "flat-out lying" and remarking that it represented "unsupervised pseudo-journalism by kids." (Stelter is 26; Olbermann, 52.) Meanwhile, several writers joined in backing Olbermann's criticism of the production of his shows. Responding to a tweet by Stelter, NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen remarked, "There's a certain minimal floor for network TV; if you don't reach it, you're not really in the same 'space,' televisually.'" The current editor of, which Stelter founded, noted that Olbermann's production doesn't come close to Glenn Beck's on GBTV. "If Glenn Beck can produce a quality-looking show with cash out of pocket," Weprin observed, "Current should have no trouble producing one. So far, however, it has failed to do so."