Keith Olbermann has been fired from the liberal TV network Current TV (set up by former presidential candidate Al Gore) with the official reasons for his dismissal seeming to contradict other reports from insiders at the network. The public notification given by Current TV was Olbermann's "unauthorized absences the network, failing to promote Current-TV, and disparaging the company and its executives," the Daily Mail reported yesterday.

However, insiders' claims suggest that the matter was more complex and, in fact, a string of unreasonable behavior from Olbermann is more likely to blame for the sacking. The most bizarre of these reports suggests that Olbermann - who does not drive - has changed his car service eight times, since he started working for the network in February 2011. The reasons that he gave for changing the service ranged from disliking the drivers because "they smelled" or they "talked to him."

Another complaint leveled at Keith Olbermann is that he refused to make use of a $250,000 set that was custom built for his show, according to a source at Mediaite. He also insisted that guest hosts refused to use the set as well and also banned other staff members from posting messages on the show's Twitter page when he was absent. Current have announced that they will be replacing Olbermann with the former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. This is not the first time that Olbermann has left a network amid controversy. In January 2011, MSNBC refused to renew his contract. He joined Current TV shortly after.