Rapper Keith Murray has no regrets about working in South Africa, despite becoming a victim of an armed robbery while in the country earlier this year (07). The hip-hop star was left devastated in September (07) after a group of armed locals stormed the Cube Studios in Johannesburg where he was working and stole his laptop - taking more than a decade's worth of his work in the process. Three other laptops, mobile phones, cash and some food was also stolen from the studio. But Murray - who has now returned to his native U.S. - insists there was nothing personal about the attack and has thanked his fans for their kind words following the incident. He says, "It was a robbery, but not a personal attack; they never pointed a gun at me or spoke to me. It seems they were as nervous as the other people in the room. "My only fear was the gun going off by mistake and someone getting killed. I would like to say thank you to everybody for their concern and support. I don't have any bad feelings toward Africa, this could have happened anywhere."