Legendary rock wildman Keith Moon's bad boy behaviour was almost too much for maverick moviemaker Ken Russell on the set of The Who's the band's movie musical TOMMY - after the rocker threw a TV out of his hotel window.
Russell shot the 1975 film, based on The Who's 1969 rock opera of the same name, and he admits he was left stunned by short-tempered Moon, who raged with a repairman who had come to fix his TV.
He tells WENN, "Keith Moon is a naughty boy. I was in his room one Sunday lunch just discussing what we were doing for the day and down below, on the lawn, a TV repairman was ringing and ringing to come up.
"He shouted, 'I'm trying to come up and collect your TV.' Keith Moon said, 'Don't worry then, I'll send it down,' and he did - right through the window - and it landed with a big bang."