The British actor Keith Allen has found himself at the centre of controversy once more. This time, it's for his involvement in the forthcoming Channel 4 documentary 'Drugs Live,' which health campaigners and drug addiction charities have said runs the risk of being "voyeuristic" and "unrepresentative." Allen was filmed taking Mdma (the pure form of Ecstasy), to examine the physical and neurological effects of the drug on users.
In an interview on This Morning, Keith described the documentary as a "forensic analysis" into the effects of the drug. Allen has been outspoken about his own drug use in the past but insists that the documentary takes the form of an investigation and is not intended to glamourise drug use. "If you think that I'm glamourising the taking of drugs by spending an hour and 20 minutes for two consecutive Mondays in an Mri scanning machine, then you're insane," he told This Morning's viewers.
Amongst the show's critics, is Simon Antrobus, the Chief Executive of Addaction, who stressed that the programme ran the risk of voyeurism and of downplaying the negative effects of drugs such as Mdma. "As an example, we are currently hearing reports of 'Pink Ecstasy', which contains a highly toxic drug that is closer in make up to 'Crystal Meth' than it is to ecstasy. So, we wouldn't want anyone to come away from the programme thinking that Mdma is benign."