OSCAR-nominated WHALE RIDER star Keisha Castle-Hughes is so worried about going hungry at the upcoming Academy Awards, she's planning to sneak snacks into the ceremony.

The 13-year-old New Zealander, who has been nominated for an award in the best actress category, has been asking her more seasoned peers for advice on preparing for the show - and food has been the subject the major subject on everybody's list.

She says, "(I've been told) to take snacks in my bag because you have to sit there for so long. I'm bringing some nuts or raisins to nibble on."

But food isn't the only thing on the beautiful teen's mind: "I've also know you have to smile all the time, because I'm in an on-camera seat, so you have to keep smiling."

Castle-Hughes has yet to select her dress for the ceremony, but insists it will be the work of a New Zealand designer.

19/02/2004 02:33