Australian actress Keisha Castle-Hughes was forced to hide her bump while she was pregnant last year (06), because the heavy criticism she encountered in the press made her feel ashamed of becoming a young mother. The Whale Rider star was just 16 when she fell pregnant with 19-year-old boyfriend Bradley Hull's baby, and because of the media furore surrounding her age, she felt she was doing wrong by celebrating her impending motherhood. She says, "It hurt at the time because it's supposed to be a huge celebration. I was supposed to be able to go, 'Wow, I'm having a baby and this is amazing'. "I felt like that I had to hide. I felt like it was bad for me to be happy about it. And she admits the constant presence of paparazzi outside her house in New Zealand was a "scary" experience. She adds, "I felt scared in my own home and it was horrible. I should be entitled to walk around my front yard without worrying that these people are watching me."