Keisha Buchanan is set to launch her solo career with the help of Taio Cruz.

The former Sugababes singer is to pair up with the 'Break Your Heart' hitmaker - who previously penned tracks for the trio - following her departure from the girl band last month.

Taio is keen to help his friend conquer the pop charts on her own, saying: "I would absolutely work with Keisha if she wanted me to. She can be sure that I will help her out. But Sugababes will be fine, they are a very strongly branded band and they have the same management so they will be fine.

"Keisha wanted to do her own stuff and now they have Jade."

Former UK Eurovision entrant Jade Ewen has replaced Keisha in the Sugababes - also comprising Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah.

Taio's latest single 'Break Your Heart' has spent three weeks at the top of the UK singles chart, but his celebrity friends have been too busy to celebrate his success with him.

He said in an interview with Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "I actually haven't done anything yet. I was thinking about celebrating last weekend with my friends. But half of my friends are famous and their schedules are a bit crazy.

"Actually, I'm seeing Cheryl Cole in two or three days. Her label missed out on 'Break Your Heart' but she's still got another one of mine - 'Stand Up' - which will be on her solo album."

Taio, 26, also revealed his fans could be surprised with the tracklisting on his upcoming LP 'Rokstarr', which is released on October 12.

He said: "Some of my album has big pop songs like Take That which I love to write. Half of the songs you might expect from me and the rest will be a surprise. Maybe the next album will go even further."