SUGABABES singer Keisha Buchanan is being swamped with gifts from an anonymous admirer, who pals worry might turn into a stalker.

The FREAK LIKE ME star is beginning to feel nervous - the 19-year-old fan from Liverpool, North England is telling pals she's dating him after falling for his romantic poems online.

A spokesperson for the girl trio says, "He's just constantly been bombarding her with teddies, gifts and letters. He's not a stalker, but it's getting that way."

A friend of the obsessed fan - whose online moniker is 'Keisha's G-String' - says, "He's told us he met her on the Sugababes official website message board back in July (03).

"He said he helped her over her heartbreak when she split with J ROCK from Big Brovaz."

A source close to Keisha says, "It's quite worrying the amount of attention he's giving her. But her security are keeping on eye on things."

07/12/2003 14:18