Fans hoping to see a more risque side of Keira Knightley in forthcoming movie ATONEMENT are going to be disappointed - a steamy shot of the British beauty has been cut from the film. Atonement, which is based on Ian MCEwan's novel of the same name, features a scene where the Pirates Of The Caribbean star strips off her blouse and skirt and plunges into the water, only to re-emerge soaking wet in a slip (undergarment). However, one of the most revealing shots of Knightley has been axed. Director Joe Wright explains, "There is an important scene with James MCAvoy (her co-star) where she dives into a deep fountain to retrieve a broken vase. Keira emerges from the water and stands on the fountain edge. It was her idea to stand there for so long - but I quite liked it. "There was another shot of her from behind but we left it out as it seemed a bit too rude."