Teenage actress Keira Knightley has refused to join her Hollywood peers and hire an assistant - because that would allow her to be lazy.

The BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star admits it's often a struggle for her to get out of bed in the morning unless she's working on a movie, and hiring an aide would give her no momentum.

She explains, "If I got an assistant now, I think my growing up would stop at 18, and that kind of terrifies me. I'm the laziest cow in the world. I wouldn't do anything."

The actress tells Vanity Fair magazine her refusal to hire help is one of many reasons why she could never live in Los Angeles.

She says, "I couldn't handle the rejection. If you're walking around LA, you're seeing all these perfect people and you start to think, 'I've got to be like that.' I'll have to be much stronger before I go over there, I think."

10/03/2004 03:00