Bosses on beloved British TV series MIDSOMMER MURDERS are desperate to sign up superstars Keira Knightley and Sharon Stone in a bid to add some Hollywood spice to the long-running show.
The show's producers are keen to entice Hollywood actresses and other big names in showbusiness to ignite new interest in the quaint ITV1 drama.
The programme, which stars U.K. veteran actor John Nettles, already has one superstar fan - Johnny Depp is reportedly hooked on the series after catching it on TV while filming in the U.K.
And the show's boss, Brian True-May, is eager to sign up some high profile actors - insisting he would love to "murder" Basic Instinct star Stone in an over-the-top scene.
He says, "I would just love to murder her. Sharon would be wonderful. She is beautiful and it would be edgy, over-the-top casting."
And the producer has his eyes cast in the direction of British beauty Knightley, saying, "Keira would be perfect. She is so delicate and lovely, she would make the perfect killer, it would be so unexpected and so against character and, let's face it, we wouldn't want to throw away such beauty as a murder victim."