Former supermodel-turned-bounty hunter DOMINO HARVEY was found dead in a bathtub in her West Hollywood home on Monday night (27JUN05). She was 35.

The daughter of late English actor LAURENCE HARVEY - who starred in the original 1962 MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE - and model PAULENE STONE, was facing a possible life jail sentence over drug charges filed last year (04).

Lesbian socialite Domino quit modelling 12 years ago (93) to capture fugitives and criminals who had jumped bail.

Police Lieutenant DON MAULDIN says, "We got a call at 10.30 last night, saying that possibly a person had drowned in a bathtub. A friend or relative had called 911 from the house for paramedics. She was found in the bathtub."

Maudlin denied rumours a gun was involved in the demise, saying, "If it was a gunshot wound or a suicide, then we would have sent investigators to the scene - that did not happen."

The Los Angeles coroner is set to perform toxicology tests to see if drugs were involved.

Domino's life story has recently been the subject of Keira Knightley's new movie DOMINO, which is scheduled to hit cinema screens in the UK in August (05), although it may now be delayed to incorporate the former model's death into the storyline.

29/06/2005 03:05