Author IAN MCEWAN has been accused of copying the work of another writer in his novel ATONEMENT, without giving her due credit. British MCEwan is said to have cribbed sections of Atonement, which is being made into a film starring Keira Knightley, from the Second World War memoir of LUCILLA ANDREWS, 1977's NO TIME FOR ROMANCE. MCEwan mentions Andrews, who died last month (OCT06) at the age of 86, in Atonement's acknowledgements section. However, Andrews' agent believes she should have received far more credit. VANESSA HOLT says, "She wasn't approached for permission to use her autobiography. I think she would have been very happy to have been consulted." In October (06), MCEwan said, "I've always openly acknowledged the importance of Lucilla Andrews' memoir. "In writing a historical novel, authors always draw on contemporary accounts. No Time For Romance is in essence reportage, a history, albeit a personal one, and I gratefully drew on it."