Keira Knightley was left red-faced after she was filmed singing in THE EDGE OF LOVE - because she "sounded like a pubescent boy".
The British actress was told she would lip-synch for her part in the 2008 period drama, in which she plays a lover of poet Dylan Thomas.
But she was terrified when director John Maybury pushed her into giving a live performance in front of 150 members of the cast and crew - and Knightley admits she had to settle her nerves with a little alcohol.
She tell's, "I thought that this is sort of one of those horrendous dreams you have, you know, those anxiety dreams... And the first time I sang, I sounded like a pubescent boy because I was so nervous my voice just went sky-high. It was awful. And I could see all these faces going, 'Oh my God, you're crap.' So I had a shot of vodka, and then it was fine after that."